One  Platform

Now our website, app,  
and giving platforms  are all
within Subsplash.  This makes cost and
user interaction more streamlined.

Save  Money

Subsplash’s innovative Grow Curve offers the industry’s lowest processing rates. Saving us money

Fast   & S ecure

Not only is Subsplash certified 
for the highest encryption and security, but the process of giving online can also take less 
than one minute.

Watch this video on why the switch to a  new giving platform .

L e t ’ s   g e t  s t a r t e d  o n
s w i t c h i n g  y o u   o v e r !

Our desire is to make this shift simple and efficient for you.
Below, are steps to help you migrate to the Subsplash 
Giving platform from the PushPay platform.

Step   One :  Let’s  Get You  Signed up on  Subsplash !

You can setup your account by clicking the blue button above.
we also have a short clip available that walks you through the steps.

Watch this video to set up Subsplash.

For the mobile version click on the recurring tab. 

That’s it! You’re all set thank you for your continued
generosity towards LifeChurch360

Whether you get stuck in the process of switching to Subsplash Giving or just have questions about the new giving platform we would love to help. You can call us at 360-685-1845 or email us at: