Go therefore and make disciples...

The LIFE Model
L - Love God: We were made to worship God. We are designed with a need to connect with Him. As we begin to understand how much He loves us and why He sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue us; we are compelled to give that love away by investing in others.

I - Invest in Others: We are better together when we walk through this life with other people by our side. As we connect with other people, we get to learn from each other. Sharing our mistakes and our victories can help others gain wisdom  to apply it to their own lives. As we do this, we can be a benefit to others by faithfully serving.

F - Faithfully Serve: We all seem to come into this world equipped with something. There are things we are just good at. We believe that God gives us each unique talents that are meant to be deployed to share God’s love with the world. As we pursue our passions, we naturally encourage the world.

E - Encourage the World: When Jesus said, ”…go into the world and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19) He meant it. The point of being a Christ-follower is to encourage others to do the same. Choosing to follow Jesus, changes our lives, and in return, we are motivated to help others love God.